Who are we?

- the brains behind bubbleVault
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bubbleVault is the brainchild of the full service web agency Thoughtbubble.

We have been creating dynamic, customized, database driven websites since 1997. Specifically since 2002 we've specialized in online entry systems for various international clients, like Cannes Lions, the Clio Awards and O2.

Our systems to date have supported hundreds of thousands of entrants, with entry media, and have handled hundreds of millions of dollars in entries. We have also saved our clients years of office time and a huge amount of costs too. On average we have even helped increase entries year in, year out, usually around 11%, and in some cases we've seen over a 100% increase.

It's this experience and knowledge we've put into developing the Awards Engine CORE, a business to business solution that combines a web based 'application generation' tool and bespoke customization by our team of experts.

You pay for what you need. We deliver what you want.

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