How it works | Overview

- bubbleVault & bubbleFactory

BubbleVault is an online media storage and processing solution, for anyone who needs to upload, reprocess or store image, video and audio files.

Media Storage Layer
Media Reprocessing Layer

bubbleVault is a web facing enterprise level storage facility. We can host a huge amount of files at a very low cost.

The front end system can either integrate with other online systems (websites, entry systems, etc.), or you can access it directly, uploading files through the bubbleVault interface.

Currently the bubbleVault system seamlessly plugin to our bespoke online award entry system: Awards Engine. However we can plug any website into the bubbleVault with ease.

Any file uploaded to the bubbleVault will be charged a low, one off fee. After this we will store it for you and even keep a backup copy of it, 'for ever'. 

As files are uploaded onto the bubbleVault servers they are handled by a software 'layer' that can reprocess them on the fly.  

This software layer is called a bubbleFactory - as it takes the 'raw material' and churns out new products.

We realised that while clients wanted a simple and cheap online storage facility, they also wanted their own unique handling of this media, so the bubbleFactory was born. Each client has their own unique bubbleFactory, which can be either software, hardware or a combination of both. Basically a bubbleFactory takes what's been uploaded and stored in the vault and delivers it somewhere (could be onto external hard drives, or DVDs, or another web server, or even just streamed out from the bubbleVault servers).

bubbleFactories come in various types, but the default bubbleFactory allows for clients can pick how each upload media format is handled. For example a high quality MPG movie file can be uploaded and then automatically reprocessed as a streamable flash FLV and can have a few thumbnail shots taken from it's content - ending up with a collection of files for each upload (high quality original, small size streaming version, small, medium and large screen grabbed thumbnail images).

The basic reprocessing bubbleFactory is charged at an annual licence fee for each media type handled (image, audio, video). But again, once this fee has been paid there is no other charge and no limits to the amount of reprocessing you can do. Bespoke bubbleFactories will be built and quoted for on request.